Saturday, July 7, 2012

Week 2 MTC

Mojah, family and friends!

Another great week at the MTC, I'm learning so much (including zulu, such a cool language). The spirit is so strong here and my testimony is stronger than ever since starting on my mission. Last week I had the opportunity to go proselyting with the missionaries which was a fantastic experience. I was kind of nervous to go out on the streets for the first time but it ended up being great. I went with an Elder from Idaho who actually had Tourette’s Syndrome, he was awesome! I asked him a bunch of questions about the mission and he was giving me all kinds of advice. I asked him if there are any areas where they don't go or tract and he said no, which was kind of suprising haha. They basically go everywhere and the area we went into was pretty sketchy. There is so much poverty and I felt so bad for people. Elder Baldwin and I stuck out like a sore thumb! We were the only two white guys I saw the entire time we were out on the streets. Everyone was really friendly and willing to talk with us, he told me almost everyone is willing to talk to you but the biggest problem they face is progressing investigators. It made me even more excited to get into the field because I was actually teaching instead of being stuck in the MTC.

I'm not going to lie, I'm ready to get out of here! This place seriously is like prison haha. I have loved all of the missionaries here though and I have learned so much. We also had the chance to go to the temple on Tuesday which was great. After we went through our session in the temple, we got to hear a general authority speak with us. His name is Elder Schwarez (probably butchered that name) and he spoke on obedience as missionaries. The rules are put into place for a reason and when were obedient we can teach by the spirit.

Unfortunately I wasted half my time to write trying to upload pictures which failed so I had hardly have any time to write. This past week has been pretty uneventful anyways, just classes pretty much! I leave for Durban on Tuesday which I'm pretty stoked for!

I know without a doubt the church is true, my testimony is stronger than ever. Any questions I had about gospel doctrines can be dispelled by just reading the Book of Mormon. If the B.O.M. is true then nothing else matters. If it's true then Joseph Smith was a prophet and we have prophets on the earth today, I've gained such a strong testimony of the divinity of this book on the earth today. I love you guys and hope you're doing well!

-Elder Summers

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