Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Finding the Lost Sheep

May 27, 2013

Hello everyone,

This past week has been one of going out and finding the lost sheep. We did a lot of less active work and we were able to find even more less actives that haven't met with missionaries in years. A couple of
them did not give us the warmest responses! It was really exciting to see that yesterday a mother and her daughter came back to church for the first time in over 2 years after we had met with them a couple of
times. Everyone at church was so excited to see them and they felt like they had come home. It is a pretty joyful experience to see less actives come back after being gone for so long.

There was one pretty neat experience that I will relate very quickly. Time and time again the scripture in Alma 26:37 (which I quote so often) manifests itself in this great work. The Lord truly is mindful
of the needs of His children and we are His hands upon this earth! We were working in Phahamang, the branch pretty far from us. This littletown is very impoverished and people live in very modest homes. It's
hard to describe the living conditions of some of these "homes." Well one of our appointments fell through at night and we were thinking about who to check. It's hard to check people at night because there
is so much crime that most people are indoors and don't really like visits at night.

We were prompted to check on some less actives that we visited a couple weeks ago. When we got there one of the less actives ran out the door to avoid us so we met with his sister and the little ones. We
sat down and sung some primary songs with the little ones and talked a little bit. Then before we left one of the little girls said the prayer. She prayed that Heavenly Father would provide them with their
daily bread. As we were walking out my companion noticed that everything in the kitchen seemed really empty and clean. He asked if they had dinner yet and the older sister said no. Then they told us
that hadn't eatten in over 2 days and they were just drinking water. These are members of the church who are living on nothing! Their mother only comes back once a month to give them money for food and
they had run out of money. We left them with some money for food and electricity and notified the branch president. That little girls prayer was answered through the Lord's servants, the Lord was mindful
of the needs of this family at this time. It was a special experience that humbled me even further and made me forever grateful for the basic neccesities of life I am provided each day.

We also have a baptism coming up next Sunday. A father who has been taught by missionaries for a while will be baptized here in Welkom. We have a couple other people who are slowly progressing but not much else to report at the moment with regards to investigators. Just a lot of less active work which is also a very important part of this work. There is nothing better then seeing the Lord's lost sheep return to
the fold.

Thank you for all your support and love. I love you all!
Elder Summers

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