Friday, April 26, 2013

Interesting Week


Hello everyone,

This past week has been an interesting one. We had transfers on Tuesday, one of the 4 Elders here in PJ (Elder Caldwell, the other American) left to a new area in Swaziland. The new missionary here is another greenie so we have 2 green missionaries here in PJ. The new Elder is from Uganda and he kind of forgot something important in Uganda... his license. My comp and I are in the walking area and the other 2 have the car. So the problem is I'm the only one with a license here in PJ! The other 2 have had to use the bikes all week and my comp and I have used the car. It's difficult for the other Elders because their area is huge and we don't really even need a car for our area. The car is a manual and I didn't know how to drive manual but I figured it out on Tuesday and were getting around just fine. Driving manual is actually pretty fun! Drivers here are crazy as ever though, especially taxi drivers.

We currently have 2 investigators who are progressing very well towards baptism. Sister V_____ and Brother B_________. The other problem we are facing with both of them right now is that they have some word of wisdom problems to overcome. Both of them really want to overcome their problems and they are doing their best. We challenged B_______ (he is a father, retired) to baptism about 2 weeks ago and he accepted. He has been reading the Book of Mormon like crazy! He understands what he is reading better than an investigator I have ever taught. He recalls such small details from what he is reading and the best part is that he is telling us how much it's changing his life. He said the Book of Mormon is making him want to repent and his faith in Jesus Christ is stronger than ever. The Book of Mormon truly is an incredible book. I have learned better than ever to not judge a person when you first meet them! When we first met B__________ I never thought he would be baptized. He had zero interest in meeting with us and just seemed like an old grumpy man. Now he loves us and is so excited to meet with us, the gospel can change anyone.

Sister V________ is also progressing well. We first found her and her family around the new year, we taught one of her daughters the restoration and referred her to the missionaries where she was going to school. She was baptized a couple of weeks ago, she called me and said that the Book of Mormon has completely changed her life. It will be so great to see this whole family become members. V_______ also has 2 little boys (ages 10 and 5) who will have the chance to grow up in the church. We are planning on baptizing B________ and V________ towards the end of April. I hope it all works out because I'll be leaving at the very end of April to a new area so it would be nice to see their baptisms.

Our recent converts are doing great. L_____ and L_______ both received the Aaronic priesthood the other week and they have both given talks in sacrament meeting. L_______ gave a talk yesterday and he sounded like he has been a member for a decade! I have never seen a recent convert so converted to the gospel. He wants to share the Book of Mormon with everyone! He is coming an doing missionary work with us and he is talking to all of his friends and family. His parents are super interested and they love us but the problem is that they speak very limited English. I'm hoping a translation of the Book of Mormon to Sesotho comes soon, there are quite a few Sesotho speakers in South Africa and the Book of Mormon isn't in their language. Anyways, time is moving fast and I can't believe I'll be leaving this area within a month.

I hope you all have a great Easter week! Jesus Christ lives and this is indeed His church on the earth once more.
Love you all,
Elder Summers
John 16:33

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