Friday, April 26, 2013

Snow in Africa


Hello everyone,

Wow it's cold here. Would you ever think of snow when you think of Africa? Well it was my first time seeing snow but it was only in the mountains. Apparently it won't snow down close to us until June and July. I'll be gone by that time though! Transfer news is this next Sunday and it sounds like I'll be leaving. I seriously felt like I was back home this past week it was so cold. We constantly have our little heaters running at home and I'm always having to wear a coat now. This is not what I was expecting when I got sent to Africa! I have no drank so much tea in my life, luckily not very many peolpe here drink coffee and the only tea most people drink is Roboles tea (herbal tea). I'm beginning to like it though.

I had the chance to watch conference the last 2 days! It was so great to hear from the leaders of the church. The talks were great as always and I can't wait to go back and read over them. My favorite talk hands down was Elder Holland, he is such a powerful speaker..."With those that believe nothing is impossible." Priesthood session was also really nice and applicable to this current branch. It's so great to see how missionary work is moving forward and all of the emphasis in conference on missionary service. There was also a ton of emphasis on obedience to the commandments, strengthing our homes and building our foundations upon Jesus Christ. There were definietly some themes throughout conference.

Well this past week nothing too crazy happened. B_____ was interviewed for baptism and did great! One of the couple missionaries interviewed him and after the interview he came to us and said:

Elder: "There is only one problem Elders."
Us: "Wait, what?" (Kind of nervous...)
Elder: "You need to find 10 more like him!"

Phew. That made me a little nervous when he said there was a problem haha. He is very ready though and I can't wait to see him baptized next Sunday. It's going to be a very cold baptism since we have to use the tap water at the school, lets hope the sun is out! B______ absolutely loved conference and just kept talking about all the talks he loved. He said he was thrilled to see how the church uses humanitarian aid throughout the world and just how large the church really is. Sometimes people think the church is just this little branch in Phutaditjhaba so we have to help emphasize that it's a world wide church.

This next week will be my final time in PJ and I'm excited to finish out the week here strong. The work is moving forward here and eventually it will be a strong and thriving branch I have no doubt.

Love you all,
Elder Summers

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