Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Lord is Preparing His Children

Oct 7, 2013 Dear family and friends, Not everyday in missionary work is always easy but everyday is a learning experience! I am truly grateful for all that I am learning in the Lord's service. I recognize that I still have a lot to learn but I'm really trying to do my best to continue to develop Christ-like attributes and brings souls unto Christ. It's incredible to see the difference the restored gospel is making in the lives of God's children here. We found 2 incredible families prepared to receive the restored gospel this past week and they both came to church yesterday after only teaching them once! I'll tell you about both of them. The first family is the A___ family. The father is Indian (he used to be Muslim, turned Christian now), then there is the mother, 2 teenage boys and 2 young girls and the grandmother. The mother and kids are colored (colored is the term used here for a mix of white and black). We found the grandmother (elderly white lady) outside of her house while tracting on Tuesday. I was kind of shocked to see a white person here because where I'm currently serving there are no whites living here (or so I thought). Anyways, she was very friendly and wanted us to come back and meet the family. We returned on Thursday and met the entire family. They were all there and we sat down and talked with them. The family is confused by the many different churches, teachings and conflicts among Christians. They told us they are searching for the truth but they have not found anything. They had a lot of questions regarding life after death, including a question for us that they said no one has been able to answer for them. They asked where good Muslim people would go when they die? They said that although Muslims do not accept Jesus Christ they cannot be bad enough to go to hell with the likes of murderers. Well of course they were right and we explained the kingdoms to them. They were shocked and by the end they were so excited to learn more. They came to church on Sunday and it seems like they really enjoyed it. We are meeting with them tonight and I'm anxious to see how they will progress. The other family we found is called the D____ family. There are 2 older sisters, a teenage girl and teenage boy. This family is also in search for the right church and they told us that their faith has been wavering in the midst of trials. We taught them the restoration on Saturday night and they were very excited. They came to church the next day and they told us they loved church, they are so welcoming and anxious to learn more. I also believe this family has a lot of potential and I hope it continues to go well. They are really fun to teach and they like to joke around a lot which makes it fun to visit them. The work continues to move along here and it is incredible to see how the Lord works miracles. Those who search for the truth are always led to the truth. I'm grateful that the Lord has led us to some of these families and I hope and pray the Spirit will continue to touch their hearts as we teach them the restored gospel. Despite the opposition and difficulties we face at times, the Lord always provides a way as we exercise faith, patience and obedience. Transfer news is this weekend, I'll let you know what happens! I love you all! Elder Summers

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