Sunday, September 1, 2013

Great Week!

August 26, 2013

Dear family and friends,

The work here in on fire! This was a great past week with some crazy experiences. We currently have a ton of people progressing towards baptism! Almost all of these people were found the first couple of weeks when we white washed the area. We will be having 2 baptisms on September 15th. An 18 year old young woman named M...... (from Zimbabwe) and a 20 year old guy named X....... They are both doing great and are excited to be baptized. Especially X....., we started teaching him a couple of weeks back. He is progressing great and loves church. I could definitely see him as a future missionary. 
We had a great lesson with a young mother named T........ She is my age and we challenged her to baptism white teaching the plan of salvation. She is really excited and she wants to learn. The difficult part has been getting her to church. So we got a recent convert around her age who lives pretty close to come to our lesson on Friday with her. It was so great to have this member with us! She bore a great testimony and talked about all of the blessings since her baptism. And guess what? Thule came to church on Sunday. It is so powerful when the members help us do missionary work. The investigators are able to see that normal people living around them go to this church we represent. 
It is incredible to see the hand of the Lord over this work. I am shocked to see how fast the work has moved forward here considering we just white washed the area a month ago! As we continue to work hard, stay obedient and exercise faith the Lord will open the windows of heaven. I guess this principle is really applicable to all aspects of life. The Lord won't help us if we sit around all day wallowing around in self pity. As Nephi of old said: "I will go and do the things the Lord commands..." The Lord always provides a a way as we "go and do." Sometimes the direction we must take is clearly visible and other times it takes more searching to find the right path but either way He does prepare the way. In this case the Lord has opened doors for us immediately. It wasn't by coincidence that our mission president felt inspired to white wash the area. This is further testimony to me that President Zackrison holds the keys for the South Africa Durban mission. 
Thank you for your prayers and your love. I love you all!
Elder Summers

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