Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Lord Prepares the Way1

August 12, 2013
Dear family and friends,

This past week has been another great week in the service of the Lord. It is amazing how fast the weeks come and go as we are busy working hard. I've never tracted this much my entire mission! White washing the area was a little bit difficult at first but we have a solid teaching pool after all of our knocking on doors. We have found some pretty great people who are prepared to receive the gospel. One of the difficulties at the moment is finding potential priesthood holders. The branch is so close to becoming a ward but it needs a little bit more priesthood. Unfortunately most of the homes are fatherless or the fathers have no interest in the gospel. I know that the Lord is preparing people though and we'll keep going forward.
We found these 2 women that are friends a couple of weeks ago. There names are M..... and K...... They both have children but are living alone. We taught them the restoration and they were very interested. They are both in search of a church right now and they want to be baptized correctly. We have challenged them to both be baptized in September and they have accepted. They are interested and want to develop their faith in Jesus Christ. We will continue meeting with them and helping them progress.
We also are teaching a young mother named T....... She is the same age as myself (20 years) and has a baby boy. She really wants to turn her life around and find a church. She hasn't attended church in years but she does believe in God. She is a very smart young woman and has a lot of interest in our message. She has a lot of great questions and she wants to find the truth. We'll just have to see how it continues to go with her. One of the difficulties as always with most of these investigators is getting them to church. The biggest problem is the distance and lack of transportation. Hopefully it won't be a huge difficulty with some of these sisters that we are teaching.
We are working hard and doing our best right now. I can feel the blessings of the Lord in my life as I continue to give my all. There is something that money can't buy and that's peace in my heart that I feel right now. There is nothing greater in life then the peace and happiness that comes from keeping the commandments of the Lord. As Mosiah 2:41 says... Those that keep the commandments of God are blessed in all things both temporal and spiritual. And if we hold out faithful until the end we will be received into a state of never ending happiness. I can testify that this is true! May the Lord continue to bless you all as this marvelous work and a wonder continues to roll forth.
Elder Summers

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